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Your business generates tremendous amounts of data. Only companies that transform this data into actionable knowledge will outsmart the competition.

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Smarter decisions begin with your data.

Purchase Data

In-store, web, mobile, you name it. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. When your customers interact with you, they are telling you who they are and what they like.

Digital Footprint

The world is going digital and so are your customers. Analyzing your customers’ digital behavior is a key component to understanding the breadth of their relationship with you.

CRM & Marketing

You develop a connection with your customers across many channels. Using this data to optimize and personalize your communications is critical to driving loyalty and satisfaction.

Location data

Location data is to physical environments what web and mobile browsing data is to e-commerce. Knowing how your customers physically interact with your locations and products provides an additional dimension to the behavioral data mix.


Socio-economic and demographic data helps you truly understand “who” your customers are. Leveraging these attributes in conjunction with behavioral data allows you to provide pertinent value propositions.

Market Research

Transactional data tells you “what” – but it’s market research that explains “why”. Coupling these dimensions allows you to achieve unprecedented levels of relevancy.

Let’s find the needles in your data haystack.

Centriam will transform your organization from data-rich to insights-driven. Smarter decisions. Happier customers. Increased revenue.

Welcome to Centriam.

Centriam is a powerful data intelligence platform that harvests actionable insights from all of your data. The result? Quicker and smarter decisions rooted in advanced analytics.

Welcome to Centriam

Enterprise Ready

Secure, scalable and all-encompassing. Centriam connects all your data sources to create a 360 degree view of the business and the customer. Unlike the legacy BI tools, it is up and running in weeks vs. months.

Focused on Insights

Traditional business intelligence products focus on financial metrics. Centriam’s data intelligence platform analyzes the most granular data to understand customer interactions with products, brands and CRM efforts.

Amazing User Experience

We built Centriam with an idea that data-driven insights should be available to everyone in real time. Our goal is to explain complex data in an elegantly simple way and empower everyone to make smarter decisions.

Powered by Advanced Analytics

Centriam’s core is an advanced analytics engine powered by data science. While old-school business intelligence tools give you KPIs, we generate smart insights through robust data mining and analytics.

Embed data intelligence into your decision making.

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