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Centriam is revolutionizing how companies get value out of data.

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“Combining data science, technology, and business intelligence into one solution is the holy grail of insights generation. We make that happen.”

–Jakub Jez, CEO

About Centriam

Centriam was started by a group of data scientists who became increasingly frustrated with how difficult it is for decision makers to access valuable information about their business. We knew that waiting days, or even weeks, for answers would never suffice in today’s data- and technology-rich landscape. Simply put, we knew there had to be a better way.

Thankfully, we were right.

We build data intelligence solutions that make it easy for everyone to access information. And by focusing on behavioral analytics, Centriam creates a customer-centric view of the business that allows decision-makers to proactively forge a path rooted in facts. In the end, it’s these data-driven actions that have helped our customers increase customer loyalty and drive incremental revenue.

Our extensive track record includes many Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries, and our solutions and products continue to generate tremendous ROI for our clients.

What our clients are saying

“We’ve been pushing for a data-driven culture for years…to no avail. But once we got hooked on the Centriam platform, the accessibility to knowledge about our business changed everything…”
“I am truly addicted to Centriam. I no longer have to wait days to get my answers about our customers’ behavior. With a few mouse clicks, Centriam gives it to me instantaneously.”
“Centriam has forever changed the way we run our business. Taking the guesswork out of strategy development is now a reality, and we’re the living proof…”
“The ROI we’ve achieved by being able to track our marketing efforts in real time is incredible…we’re talking textbook-level lift here!”

We're Hiring!

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