Centriam CX

Turn customer
insights into action

Centriam CX supports the end-to-end customer journey across channels, from the initial interaction with your brand to contacts with your call center, post-visit surveys, and more.

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Customer Data Hub

Connect all customer data from many systems into a single customer view

Centriam CX enables customer data connections from many sources to create a complete customer view, including transactional data, CRM, survey platforms, contact center, and service delivery. Ditch the data silos and know who your customers really are – at the crucial moment you are talking to them.

Insights and customer DNA

View and analyze the full behavioral profile of each customer

Centriam CX is a customer experience platform powered by customer intelligence. It puts all customer data into one place and helps you understand behavior and trends in order to turn those insights into action. Use individual customer insights to inform a personal interaction, or use insights from a group of customers to create new rules and segments to improve the overall customer experience.

Customer segmentation

Segment and rank your customers

A powerful segmentation designer simplifies the process of creating new customer segments, while still allowing for multi-faceted segmentation schemes where needed. Hundreds of segmentations can be supported concurrently. 

Similarly, Centriam CX’s prioritization engine provides sophisticated customer ordering to support customer tiers, express service, and multi-brand prioritization schemes. Inbound, outbound, and follow-up communications can all be prioritized separately.

Built-In customer action engine

Design contact rules, offer assignment, tailored messaging, and agent assignment

Centriam CX is the only customer experience platform with an embedded rules engine that allows you to easily personalize treatments, offers, and messages based on your business objectives.

The rules engine supports a wide variety of use cases, such as tiered customer prioritization, next most likely product, tailoring across brands, customer obsession, or highly specialized customer care teams. Thousands of rules can run simultaneously. Common examples include routing calls to specific agents based on customer profiles, assigning offers based on purchase propensity or risk of churn, sending email alerts based on triggers, and determining channels for each customer based on value.

Predictive analytics and deep learning modules transform your historical customer data into actionable insights about future behavior

NLP and Text analytics

Analyze customer comments via automated deep learning NLP modeling

Customer Churn Modeling

Identify customers most at risk of leaving using built-in churn models

Next best product

Provide personalized recommendations to your customers based on their preferences

Measurement and Analytics

Measure and quantify the impact of customer experience campaigns on customer behavior

Measurement is at the heart of Centriam CX. Track and analyze customer behavior, measure the impact of campaigns on customer sales, or measure the long-term ROI on all your customer experience efforts. With a suite of reports, Centriam CX allows marketers and customer experience professionals to track every customer, segment, rule, and campaign to ensure responsibility and drive results.

Broaden organizational commitment to your customer experience efforts through customized reports for each stakeholder. Data integration tools allow leading indicators from other systems to be incorporated into reports to further accountability on your key driver initiatives.

Additonal Centriam CX Features

Customer Experience management

Centriam CX is the only platform designed from the ground up to develop, execute, and measure customer experience campaigns. From transactional NPS surveys to closed loop follow-up and outbound call center campaigns, you’re enabled to build and implement personalized campaigns or integrate with your existing CRM or survey provider.

Seamless Customer Feedback

Set up custom feedback collection forms for your call center operations or plug into your existing survey provider. Responses are automatically collected and integrated into customer profile views, allowing for quick and efficient customer feedback analysis.

Customer Data Integration

Accelerate your customer data integration efforts with data integration tools and application integrations built into Centriam CX. Bring your CRM, survey and data warehouse data together to take your customer experience campaigns to the next level.