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Customer experience powered through customer intelligence, action, and measurement

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Customer Intelligence



Drive Sustained Customer Experience Improvements

CX(arrow) = Customer Intelligence (arrow)

Improving customer experience starts with raising your organization’s level of customer intelligence.

CX(arrow) = Customer Intelligence(arrow) x Action

Actions based on this intelligence enhance your customers’ experience.

CX(arrow) = (Customer Intelligence(arrow) x Action) x Measurement

Measurement accelerates your results to a new level.

CX Customer Intelligence

Customers are people.
Discover who they are and act on it.

Connect data

Create 360-degree view
of the customer

Insights and machine learning

Create specific actions

CX Campaign Management

Build personalized customer experience campaigns based on customer feedback or business objectives

Target the right customers

Determine treatment and channel

Personalize the message

Communicate and analyze

CX Contact Center

Decrease average handle time and improve contact center NPS

  • Increase agent efficiency with unified customer profiles
  • Centralize offer management and customer prioritization across multiple locations
  • Build custom audience files based on customer feedback or profiles
  • Route customers to appropriate agents based on customer/agent profile
  • Measure agent performance in real time

CX Closed Loop

Improve customer satisfaction with targeted Closed Loop programs

  • Analyze customer feedback to determine root causes of their problems
  • Determine contact priority based on customer value and feedback
  • Measure both attitudinal and financial impacts of each program
  • Quantify increases in customer lifetime value with confidence
  • Manage decentralized Closed Loop processes

CX Analytics and Insights

Most flexible and easy to use customer insights platform

  • Measure every customer experience campaign and identify the highest performing efforts
  • Track essential operational and customer metrics from day one with built-in dashboards
  • Analyze both short- and long-term impacts of customer experience efforts on customer behavior
  • Design and configure beautiful dashboards to share with the rest of your organization
  • Set A/B testing and other treatment tests with robust results tracking