Implement retention strategies at scale across all channels

Centriam is the only enterprise customer success platform that helps retention-focused B2C companies reduce churn and optimize customer base management.

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Reducing churn is the new growth driver

B2C companies face unprecedented pressure to retain customers. Increased competition, lower barriers to switching, and less differentiation between brands are just a few of the reasons why. Centriam helps B2C retention-focused companies:

Reduce customer churn with technology designed to manage retention

Break down silos that prevent effective organization-wide retention programs

Get visibility into customer behavior and its drivers

How a telecom improved retention with Centriam
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How Centriam helps you increase retention

Centriam turns raw customer data into insights you can act on to improve both retention and upsell efforts. It uses customer behavioral data and predictive analytics to identify your most valuable customers, those most likely to churn, and the best candidates for upsell.

Step 1

Isolate the right data

Import data — including billing history, support interactions, and product usage — into Centriam for a single view of each customer. Our data and analytics experts will help you identify the data needed to effectively manage your customer base and predict future customer behavior.

Step 2

Identify customer behavior trends to develop retention strategies

Use customizable reports and built-in predictive models to better understand customer behavior. Segment customers by value, profitability, upsell potential and likelihood to churn to seamlessly target for retention and upsell programs.

Step 3

Understand key drivers behind customer behavior

Collect feedback and use built-in journey tracking visualization to identify where the customer experience needs improvement. Prioritize customer follow-up based on value and likelihood to churn.

Step 4

Predict and execute the next best action for each customer

Centriam’s decision engine assigns the “next best action” for each customer based on their behavioral trends and predicted future behavior (e.g. churn and upsell probability). Push these insights into any system used to interact with customers to deliver individualized treatment at each phase of the customer lifecycle.

Effective retention programs made possible

Use the Centriam customer success platform to better understand your customers’ behavior and develop retention strategies that reduce churn, increase upsell opportunities, and improve customer experience. Contact us today to get started.

Improve retention

Increase revenue

Drive customer success

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