Can you measure the impact of your CX programs?

Centriam is a customer experience data platform that empowers organizations to use data insights to improve customer experience and measure the business impact of customer programs.

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All-in-one customer experience software

Everything you need to launch data-driven and personalized customer experience programs that convert your customers into loyal fans.

Design targeted and customer-centric CX programs with built-in and personalized customer follow-up capabilities

Collect actionable and automated feedback across any channel (email, call center, web, store/location)

Address customer issues quickly and identify CX efforts with the highest impact on customer behavior, retention, and sales

How a telecom grew revenue with Centriam
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How does Centriam work?

Centriam lets you upload data from different systems, collect targeted and personalized feedback based on customer actions, close the loop with the right customers at the right time, and analyze all customer interactions to identify programs with the highest impact on customer experience.

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Step 1

Connect all of your customer data sources and systems

Import data from everywhere to construct a clear, comprehensive view of each customer. Then, design tailored CX programs based on key attributes, behaviors, specific actions, and more.

Step 2

Decide when to collect feedback and from which customers

Turn feedback collection into relationship building. Decide when and how to collect customer feedback based on specific actions or profiles. Customize what type of information to collect, based on customer behavior and value to your business.

Step 3

Determine the right feedback channel

Collect personalized feedback across multiple channels (email, SMS, call, web) based on customer value and your business strategy. Use a single application for both inbound and outbound feedback collection.

Step 4

Collect feedback and design targeted and personalized follow-up programs

Using feedback data and customer insights, create personalized rules for follow-up communications and actions. Leverage survey responses and insights to prioritize re-engagement opportunities and automatically distribute feedback across your organization. See how this drives revenue and improves NPS in our latest case study.

Invest in customer experience. It matters.

Centriam improves customer intelligence, enables personalized and scalable CX programs, and identifies CX efforts with the highest impact on customer retention, NPS, and revenue.

Increase NPS

Increase Retention

Increase Revenue

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