Retain more customers. Build deeper relationships.

Centriam is a customer experience management platform built for businesses of all sizes to better manage and improve customer relationships.

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Every moment in the customer journey matters

Software to nurture customers, promote action, and amplify customer intelligence

Improve customer experience
Increase NPS
Reduce Customer Churn
  • CX Customer Intelligence

    Analyze and visualize every customer and track their behavior

  • CX Campaign Management

    Run campaigns and track all customer interactions, specifically for customer experience efforts

  • CX Contact Center

    Facilitate exceptional customer service that will engage your customers

  • CX Closed Loop

    React to customer feedback, tailor treatments, and prioritize responses, all based on customer data

  • CX Analytics and Insights

    Measure the impact of customer experience programs and identify high performing efforts

Centriam CX redefines how companies manage their customer experience efforts. Our platform enables companies to track customer behavior and collect customer feedback across channels. It empowers companies to analyze and act on all data and measure the impact of customer experience campaigns on customer behavior. Centriam CX is designed for customer experience and marketing professionals who want to delight their customers.

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CX powered by customer intelligence

Manage customer relationships at the person level

Your business generates tremendous amounts of data. Data about your customers, prospects, inventory, service levels, product sales, and more. To gain market share, companies must transform this data into actionable insights and outsmart the competition. But actionable insights are rare. Centriam CX provides those actionable insights to increase your organization’s ability to interact with each customer individually.

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Campaign management designed for CX efforts

Take action and design campaigns based on customer insights

Centriam CX is designed for the needs of modern customer-focused organizations. It enables customer service, call center, and marketing professionals to analyze customers and identify the right targets for campaigns. With a powerful rules engine, segment designer, and built-in predictive models, Centriam CX enables the development and execution of data-driven, multi-channel campaigns: campaigns that contact the precise customer at the precise time with a precise message.

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Measurement and ROI

Identify customer experience efforts with the greatest impact

Centriam CX is the only platform with an embedded measurement framework to assess the incremental impact of your customer experience efforts and provide a program ROI. Easily measure both short-term customer experience campaign effectiveness and long-term customer behavior changes. Whether you have questions about incremental sales, reduced churn, NPS upticks, or reduction in repeat call rates, Centriam CX provides quantified and analytically sound answers.

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