More features & support to grow your customer experience program

Centriam offers custom solutions and advanced customer analytics to large organizations to help create tailored customer experiences that drive results.

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Centriam has the resources to build and enhance your customer experience programs

Data Integration

Bring in data from multiple source systems to create a single view of your customers with full behavioral profiles.

Predictive Analytics

Improve your programs with production-level predictive models tailored to your needs and integrated directly into Centriam.

Implementation Support

From requirements gathering, survey design, sampling parameters, benchmarks, training and socialization, we will make sure your new program starts successfully.

Exclusive features for enterprise customers

Enterprise features unlock powerful tools to amplify your customer experience.

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Customer Profiles

Customer level dashboards customized to your business and goals.


Predictive Models

Improve your programs with production-level predictive models tailored to your needs.


Unlimited Scale

Quick performance for organizations with millions of customers and hundreds of millions of data points.


Exclusive Segmentations

Improve program performance and targeting flexibility with custom-build segmentations.


Advanced Reporting

Additional reporting dashboards adapted to your specific programs and metrics.


Custom Integrations

Support triggered campaigns from your specialized source systems.

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Partner with us to build or support your CX strategy

Our customer experience team is here to help you get the most out of your investment. From strategy and design, to analysis and reporting, we help take you to the next level.

Business Cases

Do you know with confidence what improvements you can commit to? We will quantify your opportunities across multiple metrics, so you can make commitments with confidence.

Driver Prioritization

Where should you spend your next dollar to improve customer experience? We can identify and rank your customer experience opportunities.

CX Roadmaps

Do you have a clear and compelling narrative about where your customer experience is heading? Working closely together, we will create the story and assets needed to help you drive organizational change.