Customer success platform built for scalable retention management

Centriam quickly and cost-effectively takes you from raw data to insights and action — enabling you to reduce churn and leverage upsell opportunities.

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Intelligent customer feedback collection

Let data and customer behavior decide when and how to collect feedback. Centriam enables you to run highly targeted and personalized feedback collection campaigns triggered by specific customer actions. Link feedback to customer profile data to fully understand customer pain points.

Targeted customer follow ups

Close the loop where it matters the most. Design targeted follow-up communications based on feedback type and customer insights. Quickly address customer issues, just like your customers expect. 

Built-in customer action engines

Act on purchase data, text analytics, or survey responses through Centriam’s simple yet powerful analytics engine. Run hundreds of personalized CX campaigns at once and set them up in minutes. No coding required.

Inbound Data Triggers

Connect Centriam to data across disparate systems and create feedback triggers based on customer actions and insights. 

Campaign Actions

Convert more customer service calls into sales opportunities with targeted recommendations based on any piece of your customer’s data profile.

Feedback Triggers

Create targeted follow-up rules based on customer feedback, text analytics, and customer profile. Prioritize which customers to follow up with first.

Distributed customer feedback

Distribute customer feedback and insights in real time to the right employees. Connect your workforce with your customers and empower them to act on feedback.

Feedback analytics powered by deep learning

Instantly analyze customer feedback and uncover key topics from every comment with built-in deep learning text analytics. Connect feedback insights with customer insights to discover the moments that matter the most in the customer journey. 

More features to run effective retention and upsell programs

Advanced survey capabilities

Personalize every survey and survey invite with relevant customer information. Design powerful surveys with custom skipping and inclusion logic. Bring your own custom branded templates.

Bring all your data

Centriam can connect to any source system database, or you can upload data using csv files or APIs. Automatic data refreshes ensure your data stays up to date and you continuously collect feedback.

Custom user permissions

Invite as many team members as you would like and control who has access to what with granular user permissions. Create custom user groups and control their access levels.

Full customer list

Upload and maintain a full customer list. Filter for specific actions and build CX campaigns for specific customer segments. Rank your customers based on various metrics and target specific segments.

Custom feedback collection forms

Easily design a new feedback collection form from any outbound call or survey campaign. Make changes mid-campaign and let them take effect in real time.

Full customer contact history

Track and maintain every customer interaction across all campaigns and always have full visibility into the entire customer journey.